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Good evening fellow Absintheurs!

My name is Alain Diable. My friends call me Alain.
You may know me as a frequent visitor of the Moulin Vert, the notorious Absinthe bar of Montmartre. But I want make sure you know that I am also a sexual dynamo, a promoter of all things bohemian, a hater of the bourgeoisie and an devoted ALANDIA Absintheur!

Last weekend I was invited to join the jury of the Absinthe Fair Absinthiades in Pontarlier. On this event the best Absinthes are awarded by a group of experienced Absintheurs. This time a very interesting Absinthe was presented. Absinthe FrancoSuisse, a Suisse distilled Absinthe with a unique recipe adapted for the French Absinthe market. And I have to say, the Swiss made their homework! Without any doubt I have to admit (although I´m French..) that they distill some decent Absinthes...The gold medal winner FrancoSuisse tastes too good to sip only one glass. The smoothness of 55% alcohol combined with only the finest locally grown herbs creates an unforgetable mouthfeel. Uhh, I have to have another glass...

Au revoir mes amis,

Alain Diable


Absinthe FrancoSuisse Characteristics:

Name: ALANDIAs FrancoSuisse Absinthe
Country: Val-de-Travers, Suisse
Production Method: Distillation in cooper alembics
Alcohol: 55%
Color: Crystal clear distillate
Smell: Flower and honey with a fresh note of peppermint
Taste: The symbiosis of anise and peppermint creates a smooth mouthfeel with a potent wormwood smack
Louche: As milky as milky can be
Awards : Golden Spoon on the Absinthiades 2005 and 2006


Absinthe History:

ALANDIAs FrancoSuisse Absinthe has won several gold medals on the Absinthe fair Absinthiades, the one and only Absinthe fair in Pontarlier, France. Besides wormwood fennel, melissa and peppermint is used for the Absinthe recipe. The aim of this Absinthe was to create a Suisse Absinthe with a note of the French Absinthe culture. The result is a very unique and refreshing taste. Like the La Bleue Clandestine FrancoSuisse has a flowerish smell and an intensive milky louche. A definite choice when you like the La Bleue Absinthes!

We recommend to serve FrancoSuisse Absinthe with one (or none) sugar cube and two parts cold water.

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